Saturday, July 16, 2011

Something New

I have been recently playing around with designing and have taken up an elementary school past time again. You see, during my early years in elementary school, instead of playing on the playground during recess, I would take out a clipboard and design bridal dresses. Well, I have shifted to that hobby once again and here are two designs that I'm rather happy about.

The Full Dress Set

This set is the first. I played around with the theme of wrap around fabric with pearls. I used a sweetheart neckline on every dress and had some form of wrapping style. On the bride, I used a mermaid style with a tail train and a low back line.

This set is more princess and fairy tale style. I kept the bride and the flower girl similar in style and made the bridesmaid simpler. Both the bride and the flower girl use the same dark ribbon and ballgown style. I gave the bride a very long train in reminiscence of old fairy tale weddings. I always like to think of the flower girl as the bride in younger form. This is why I like to make those two dresses especially similar.

I should be able to get several more designs done soon as I have a three-hour plane ride to Canada tomorrow...

See you all soon!

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