Saturday, July 16, 2011

O Canada

Hello there. Well, this week has been....restful? Yes, I think that would be the most appropriate adjective. Since my last post, my ankle has healed up quite well. Unfortunately, it had not healed by the time of my competition so I was unable to dance. It was a bit of a bummer seeing as I had not competed at the last one that was in June due to the fact that I was at YL camp. So now it will be a total of 4 months of no competing for me -- which is rather shocking. But I would rather have a healed ankle than have injured it further.

So, this week has been one of momentous occasion all over the world. Yes, that's right. The final installment of the Harry Potter film series premiered here in the United States at twelve a.m. yesterday, Friday the 15th. Though I did not attend the midnight premiere, I did attend the movie with some dance friends. It was really fun as we all dressed up as characters. I went as Hermione, complete with a skirt, sweater, Gryffindor tie, and a real wand! We saw the movie in 3D in an IMAX theater and this theater was so very cool. So, my thoughts on the movie? Phenomenal. That does not even begin to cover how amazing it was. The special effects and dialogue were so entertaining. The only unfavorable parts were those that deviated from the book's plot line, but that is mostly for the Harry Potter fanatics like myself. The changes were not very unpleasant though, and I suppose that the directors had to do something different due to the length. The changes did not displease me too much and seemed like they would come from J.K. Rowling's books, even though they didn't. But overall, this film was mind blowing in the best way possible. I would definitely recommend it to EVERYONE. It's truly a spectacular experience.

Cho Chang, Ron Weasley, Fleur Delacour, Hermione Granger, Ginny Weasley, Nymphadora Tonks, Bellatrix Lestrange, Draco Malfoy.
Today I spent all day packing for the trip I embark on tomorrow morning to Vancouver Island in Canada! I'm going there for an Irish Dance Camp called Celtfest. I will be staying with my two friends, Jeff and Morgan, and Morgan's mom, Nuala, in the dorms at Vancouver Island University. I'm beyond excited. I will be learning immensely under the guidance of Worlds qualifying instructors. It will probably be one of the most instructively entertaining weeks of my life.

Vancouver Island University

Not only do I get to dance all week, but I get to see my dear friends and adopted children from dance who sadly had to move to California earlier this year. They are a pair of 11-year-old twins named Nate and Maggie, who both were phenomenally talented at Irish Dancing. After only two to three years of practice, Nate qualified for Worlds and Maggie for Nationals. They are two very dedicated, quirky, and loving kids who I cannot wait to see again at camp.

Well, I will update everyone again soon! Have a lovely July.


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